We have modern testing equipment that ensure exact quality

All the materials undergo QC process.
* QC dept: tests all the materials
* Frequent test dept: 1-2 QC persons

QC management dept : 3 persons

Only thoroughly inspected materials are used to manufacture products.


We make sure that our products meet market trends

QC check dept:

LAN with well-equipped lab test equipment random QC test

Dyeing division:

QC test by computer that automatically mix and match colors.

Our QC procedure make sure that even the smallest of details conform to our standards and to the client's requirements. There is no room for error because mistakes cost both our buyers and us time and money.

With the testing system and quality control procedure we have, you can rest assured that only the best products are delivered to you. We make sure that all our products attain our very high product quality standards. Satisfying the product quality demand of our clients is our pleasure.

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